Natsume (himitsunatsume) wrote in dreamandsugar,


Hurray! Dream and Sugar is finally online and working again. And people who are friended to my personal LJ will be more than pleased to know that shop updates and rants are going here now, so they no longer have to read them (or skip past them on their friends page).
This is also nice because people who don't like mailing lists can get their updates just by checking out LJ. How lovely!
Even though no one is reading this yet, here are some lovely new items in the shop:

Look what I made! I want to keep it, actually.

That's right, we are now featuring some beautiful jewelry by Roots of Art.

And check it out, Alice in Wonderland artwork to stick on your walls! (by my partner in crime, Lucid Dreams)

Right, so go check out all the other new items, and please let me know if something's not working (since I haven't gotten to thoroughly go through the site yet)!
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